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1. The object of interests of members of forum are following breeds:
- Siamese,
- Oriental shorthair,
- Seychellois;
- Balinese,
- Oriental longhair, or Javanese;
- Seychellois longhair.
The subjects of this forum are breeding and genetics, discussion of standards and shows, specific of keeping our cats helthy and wealthy.

2. Members of this forum are owners of cats listed above, judges, geneticists, veterinaries, and also experienced breeders of other breeds, who are ready to help in the questions of genetics of colors.

If you are interested in the breeding of these cats, in the cat genetics – you are welcome here!
We expect you will tell us about your cats and your experience in the felinology.

PS The capter of the forum in English is open to every registered member to make easy to join. But if you would like to, I could make it (or some themes) hidden.

Ссылка на тему: http://sioriworld.mybb2.ru/viewtopic.php?t=13

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