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23rd May 1957 The Federal Minister of Defence orders with establishing o

23rd May 1957
The Federal Minister of Defence orders with establishing order No. 62 (army) the establishment of Gebirgsjägerbataillons 38 in the site Bischofswiesen / Strub. (Einmarsch am 02.07.57) (Invasion on 02.07.57)

01 October 1957
Indentation of the first recruits at Gebirgsjägerbataillon 38th

15th July 1958
Use of the battalion in the rescue of a crashed transport machine of the Bundeswehr on Böcklweiher.

02 August 1958
Civil use of the battalion in Ramsau

02 December 1958
Inauguration of the training center location "Silberg" with a training exercise.

16th March 1959
Renamed the Gebirgsjägerbataillons 38 in Gebirgsjägerbataillon 232nd

01 April 1959
Reclassification of the 1st Battalion bis 5. Company and subordination to the 23 Mountain Bad Reichenhall.

27th October 1959
Establishment of the NCO corps Gebirgsjägerbataillon 232nd

25th February 1965
Inauguration of the "Lenzenkasers III" (lodging house) on the Alpe Hochgebirgsübungsplatz Reiter, named after the first battalion commander Fritz Höhne.

24th April 1965
Flag ceremony of troops in Muenster.

23rd July 1966 to 24 July 1966
An emergency operation at the Alpine Road and in the communities Ramsau and Maria Gern Mure, after disposals.

17th June 1967
Battalion appeal to the Day of German Unity. It gets the barracks officially named "Hunter barracks."

07 Juli 1970
Wimbachgries helicopter crash in a German-French battle exercise (12 Fatalities: 8 French and the Germans 4)

29th April 1971
Grounds for the sponsorship with the 27th. Battalion Chasseurs de Alpins from Annecy in a Bataillonsappells.

11st June 1976
Emergency operation in Scheffau and Unterau as boulders and mud made the roads impassable.

28th July 1977 to 03 August 1977
Disaster relief caused by flooding in the Unterau

Founding of Sportfördergruppe. Introduction of promoting top sports in the Bundeswehr.

09 June 1986
Gebirgsjägerkameradschaft founding of the 232nd

02 July 1987
The five companies of the battalion include sponsorships with the five municipalities of Berchtesgaden valley:

1. Company with the market Berchtesgaden
2. Company with the municipality Ramsau
3. Company with the market market Schellenberg Mountain
4. 4th Kompanie mit der Gemeinde Schönau a. Königsee
5. Company with the municipality Schönau a. Königsee 5th Kompanie mit der Gemeinde Bischofswiesen Company with the municipality Bischofswiesen

22nd April 1988
Formation of a partnership between Gebirgsjägerbatallion 232 and warriors and soldiers eV county Altötting.

01 October 1992
By taking the military structure 5 gets the battalion another Gebirgsjägerkompanie added. The new company gets the number 5 in the company of the heavy number 6

19th November 1994 to 23 March 1994
Teilnahme von Soldaten des Gebirgsjägerbataillons 232 beim deutschen Unterstützungsverband in Participation of Gebirgsjägerbataillons 232 soldiers of the German Association in support
Somalia ( UNOSOM II ). Somalia (UNOSOM II).

16th January 1996 to 22 April 1996
Use under the auspices of the 3rd Kompanie- als Sicherungskompanie im Rahmen der Company-as a security company under the
GECONIFOR (L) in Kroatien GECONIFOR (L) in Croatia

20th September 1996 to 22 September 1996
Flagpole consecration of the flag of Berchtesgaden Gebirgsjägerkameradschaft 232 eV with the open day.

01 February 1997 to 23 February 1997
Increased participation of the 2nd Kompanie an einer Gefechtsübung am Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) in Fort Polk, Louisiana (USA). Company in a battle exercise at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) at Fort Polk, Louisiana (USA).

26th March 1997
Awarding of the plume tape of the Federal President for use as part of GECONIFOR (L) by the commander of
Wehrbereichskommando VI / 1. Army Area Command VI / 1 Gebirgsdivision Mountain

01 April 1997
5.Kompanie Gebirgsjägerbatallion confinement of 232 of their training contract and dissolution of the company. This designation of the 6th Back (schweren) Kompanie in 5. (Severe) company in 5th Kompanie Company

04 July 1997 to 06 July 1997
The Gebirgsjägerbatallion 232 celebrates the 40-year anniversary of the site Bischofswiesen / Strub

14th July 1997 to 17 July 1997
Gebirgsjägerbataillon participation of 232 at the Alpine Landscape march "of the Mountain after 23 Rottach-Egern.

July 1997
High water use for parts of the battalion in Oderbruch.

July 1998
High water use in Maria Gern, and market Almbachklamm Schellenberg Mountain

22nd November 1998
Personalabstellungen - including the deputy battalion commander - in the context of "Extraction Force" to Macedonia.

01 May 1999
40-year anniversary of the NCO corps and the day of the open door in Gebirgsjägerbatallion 232nd Patron: Federal Minister for Defence aD
Dr. hc Georg Leber. Dr. George HC liver.

July 1999 - December 1999
Participation of Gebirgsjägerbataillons 232 soldiers of SFOR deployment on the 4th Kontingent in Bosnien Herzegowina Quota in Bosnia Herzegovina

May 2000-November 2000
Kompanie nehmen am 1. The machine-guns and anti-tank (TOW) 5.Kompanie take the train on 1 Einsatzkontingent KFOR (Kosovo) teil. Use quota KFOR (Kosovo).

14th July 2000 to 17 July 2000
Initial implementation of an Armed Forces Historical Grounds meeting in front sections of the Gebirgskrieges 1914/18 in the Dolomites.

09 November 2000
Presentation of the Medal of the army leadership commands to the Gebirgsjägerbataillon 232 by the commander of the army leadership, Lieutenant-General Command Drews.

01st July 2004
The 7th Kompanie Gebirgsjägerbataillon 232 ist die Ausbildungskompanie der Gebirgsjägerbrigade 23 Company Gebirgsjägerbataillon 232 is the training company of the Mountain 23

April 2006
Sponsorship with the Hunter Battalion 26 Spittal (Austria)

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