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Big Moe, stage name of Kenneth Moore (August 20, 1974 – October 14, 200


Big Moe, stage name of Kenneth Moore (August 20, 1974 – October 14, 2007), was an American rapper from Houston, Texas.

Like many Houston-based rappers, Big Moe began his career freestyling on DJ Screw mixtapes before being signed to Wreckshop Records. Wreckshop Records released Big Moes debut album, City of Syrup in (2000); the title a nod to Houstons reputation for drinking codeine-laced syrup, which Moe pours from a Styrofoam cup on the albums cover. "City of Syrup" album featured the single, "Mann!", which Moe intended to be The South Sides answer to Black Robs East Coast hit "Whoa!". A year and half later, Moe returned with his second album, Purple World in (2002). This release showcased a Whos Who of Houston vocalists and two versions of Moes breakthrough single, "Purple Stuff." The Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory-themed video for "Purple Stuff" was played on MTV and the album ranked as high as No. 3 on Billboards Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.[1> Big Moes third and last album, Moe Life, was issued in 2003, including the commercially successful single "Just a Dog." A posthumous album entitled Unfinished Business is scheduled to be released March 18, 2008 via Wreckshop Records and Koch Records.

He was also featured in songs with Mike Jones, Z-Ro, Lil O, Walter Cooper, Southside Playaz and Big Pokey.

eeded>Big Moe was in negotiations to make appearances in the up and coming cartoon series Pablo and Victor where he would play himself.

Big Moes prominent wearing of the color purple in large hip hop themed outfits in many of his rap videos is a fairly recognizable style in and around the city of Houston, where Moore spent his entire life. He attended the University of Houston for four years, receiving a degree in Political Science. However, after graduating, he felt he was better suited to following a career as a singer. After beginning his career in rap he hinted at the idea that he would eventually get into city politics, or the police academy.

Before his death Moore was a prominent supporter of Barack Obama.here is even word that Big Moe was working on a tribute song for the campaign before his untimely death. Obama has since acknowledged Moores contributions to the Houston area, both politically and socio-economically

Moore died on October 14, 2007 after suffering a heart attack one week earlier that left him in a coma.There was speculation that purple drank (codeine syrup) may have contributed to his death.

Big Moe - Unfinished Business [Retail>[2008>


01. Intro Ft. Dylon D And Kiala Patton 1:56
02. Big M.O.E Ft. Tyte Eyez And Dirty Dollar 4:45
03. Maan (The G Mix) Ft. Mike-D, Lil Flip And 4:05 A-3
04. Skit 0:36
05. Ride Candy Ft. A-3, Mike-D, Sean P., Toya 4:30 And Adonis
06. Out Of Line Ft. Tyte Eyez, A-3 And Dirty 5:27 Dollar
07. Bigga Figgas Ft. Big Pokey And A-3 4:24
08. Skit 3:24
09. Pill Poppa Ft. Mike-D, J Dog And Trae 5:23
10. Wont Fold Ft. Lil O, C-Note And D-Red 4:48
11. The Letter Ft. Mike Wilson And Toya 3:23
12. Do Anything Ft. Tigga Man And Nac 4:48
13. Skit 1:08
14. Holdin Ft. Big Pokey, Lil Flip And Tyte 4:32 Eyez
15. Love It Man Ft. Tyte Eyez And Sean P 3:55
16. Grindin Ft. Z-Ro And C-Mo 3:57
17. Jammin For The South Ft. A-3, Tigga Man 4:49 And Dirty Dollar

Release Notes:
Big Moes Last Album "Unfinished Business"


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