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His music career didnt go to far but after appearing on both of The Lox


His music career didnt go to far but after appearing on both of The Lox albums, 1998’s Money, Power & Respect, and 2000’s We Are The Streets, Sheek became a business man. First, he bought a recording studio in his hometown city of Yonkers, NY, and then founded the record label D-Block with lifelong friends Jadakiss and Styles P.

Sheek Louch is releasing a new album Silverback Gorilla on Koch Records, March 2008. The album contains guest appearances from Jadakiss, Styles P, Bun B, Jim Jones, The Game, Fat Joe and more.
It was leaked onto the internet March 12th 2008.

His current release is Good Love, which samples Betty Wrights "Tonight Is The Night".

When Jadakiss feuded with Beanie Sigel, the battle also brought along Sheek Louch and Styles P. Shortly before Beans went to jail, however, Sigel and Kiss made up definitively, performing together at a show; after his release from jail, the two did a remix on a Sheek Louch song and appeared on a track on a Funkmaster Flex compilation.

When The Lox left Bad Boy Records, the group and each of its members publishing was still owned by label head Sean Combs. The group fought with him over royalties, debt issues and other things until 2005 when they briefly put their differences aside to perform with Jay-Z at his I Declare War Concert. Combs still owned The Loxs publishing because they only completed one album on their contract. Afterward they went on New York radio station Hot 97 bashing Diddy about taking all their money.

Sheek Louch has played a supporting role in D-Blocks battle with 50 Cent. Originally, after a guest appearance in Ja Rules single "New York", Jadakiss was insulted on 50 Cents track "Piggy Bank" on the 2005 album The Massacre. Sheek has in turn insulted 50 Cent and other members of G-Unit on tracks on various mixtapes, including ones by Big Mike and DJ Clue, as well as a freestyle on Rap City.


Solo Albums

Walk Witt Me (2003)(70,000)
After Taxes (2005) (100,000)
Silverback Gorilla (2008)

The Lox/D-Block

Money, Power & Respect (1998)
We Are The Streets (2000)
Live, Suffer, Celebrate (2008)


Supa Mario Presents: D-Block Street Series Vol. 1 - Lock Down (Sheek Louch)
Big Mike & Supa Mario Present: Sheek Louch - Still A Wolf (2006)
Big Mike & Supa Mario Present: Sheek Louch - Year Of The Wolf (2005)
Big Mike & Sheek Louch - The Howling (2007)
DJ Dub, Dub Floyd & Sheek Louch - Animal Planet: A Silverback At His Best (2008)

Sheek Louch - Silverback Gorilla [2008>


01 00:31 Lottery (Skit)
02 03:37 Think We Got a Problem (featuring Bun B. & The Game)
03 03:43 Keep Pushin (featuring Mike Smith)
04 03:19 Good Love
05 04:01 D-Block/Dipset (featuring Jim Jones, Styles P., Hell Rell & Jadakiss)
06 04:07 We At War
07 03:20 Scrap To This
08 03:41 Dont Be Them
09 03:38 Gettin Stronger (featuring Styles P. & Jadakiss)
10 03:13 Thats A Soldier
11 03:43 What What (featuring Bully)
12 04:31 We Comin (featuring Unk)
13 00:43 Crowd (Skit)
14 03:45 We Spray Crowds
15 03:33 Rubber Grip (featuring Fat Joe & Styles P.)
16 02:57 2 Turntables & A Mic
17 03:51 Mic Check
18 03:32 Go Hoodlums

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MQuVbpasB0>Sheek Louch - Good Love[/youtube>

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