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Ссылка на тему: http://zakachka.mybb3.ru/viewtopic.php?t=362

This is a very nice server with friendly Admin / Gm

This is a very nice server with friendly Admin / Gm.
They are constantly adjusting the server to make it better.
All it realy needs now are a few more players
Hope to see you in game

Name: LaParkour
# Version: 1.04d
# Home Site: [url>http://laparkour.tk/
# Registration: [url>http://laparkour.tk/
# Exp: 2200x
# Drop: 70%
# Event: Crywolf Event
Loren Event
Castle Siege
Kanturu Event
Blood Castle
Devil Square
Chaos Castle
Golden Invasion
Red Dragon Invasion
Kalima Event (1-7)
Excellent Box Gift Event
White Wizard
Blue Event
Sky Event
Illusion Temple
Halloven Event
# Special Features: /post, /ad, 3rd Trans Quest, 3rd Level Wings, and much more!
# Server location: Lithuania
# Reset lvl: 400 lvl stats no deleted
# Max stats: 32767k
# Reset points: 400
# Max User: 100
# Point for DK/DW/Elf: 5/5/5
# Point for BK/SM/ME: 6/6/6
# Point for DL/MG: 7/7
# Lvl for Creat Guild: 220 lvl
# Server UpTime: 24/7 Long Term
# Chaos Goblin (Item): +10-90%, +11-80%, +12-75%, +13-65%
# Max add: +28%
# Mobs HP: 100%
# Bless Bug:On


Ссылка на тему: http://zakachka.mybb3.ru/viewtopic.php?t=362

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